Our Mission

At Four Pillar Advisors, our mission is to establish a relationship between our clients and the global organisations that demand various products and services.

Our professional management team has had considerable success with clients throughout America, Europe, and Africa. We provide a unique “four pillar” approach that has been very successful. We have helped our clients win a variety of bids and achieve long-term agreements with GOs and NGOs on an international level.

 We have established personal and professional relationships with organisations around the world in order to help our clients improve their profits and develop more relationships of their own to drive the bottom line. We create more awareness of the products and services offered by our clients and formalise documents and strategies to ensure clients are able to establish effective and profitable supply connections with organisations.

 A premium network has been developed to establish our clients with a comprehensive reference list and to make it easier to achieve more business.

 The business relations are facilitated with a four pillar process:

 -              Assessment

 -              Formal Registrations

 -              Formal Presentations

 -              Bid & Tender management

We Understand

Companies of all sizes have the ability to supply products and services to government and non-government organisations from around the world. At Four Pillar Advisors, our goal is to help these companies with the process of becoming approved suppliers to these organisations. It requires knowledge and experience to approach the procurement process and our services are uniquely designed to assist. This allows more companies to tap into the more than 100 billion USD that are spent on products and services that support their international enterprises. 

We understand the complexities of procurement as it is our business. Contact us today on our Contacts page to find out how we can assist with your growth!     



Why Choose Us?

Government organisations (GOs) and non-government organisations (NGOs) procure millions of products and services annually to account for more than 100 billion USD. At Four Pillar Advisors, our goal is to help you to tap into more of these opportunities – and this is done by helping your to register for and become approved as a supplier. While formal processes may be in place, we can provide you with the necessary information and automate the process for purposes of simplicity.

We offer:

 -              Innovative and flexible pricing models

 -              Options for being approved and preferred suppliers

 -              Monthly subscriptions and access to membership site and forum

 -              Options for reimbursement

 -              Consultations on various procurement strategies

-                A full range of learning tools and Value Added Services

We have accumulated more than 30 years of experience with international business and have worked extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Americas and Africa.

Schedule your consultation by contacting us today using our online contact form or by calling +45 50 522 922 / +971 (0)52 931 2113!

The international GO’s or NGO’s procure products and services for over 100 billion USD each year and it is significantly increasing.

Organisations tend to procure from registered and approved suppliers and other preferred partners. The process can be very formal and hard to comply with if you do not have the proper knowledge and experience.

As our client, we will help you understand the whole process of what we exactly do in order for you to have a grasp of the concept. Call us today and experience our friendly and reliable service.


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