2015 – the year you want to build increased awareness about your products and services..?

Our clients are typically very capable with products or services of high quality and in high demand from international governmental organisations (GO’s) and non-governmental organisations (NGO’s). The clients represent small, medium sized and larger international companies. Some being of entrepreneurial status and some being well established.

Some of the common reasons for our clients to contact and work with us are:

  • They do not know exactly how to aproach GO’s/NGO’s
  • They do not have the necessay network to be fully successfull
  • They have not a clear overview of the business potential in the market
  • They lack internal resources to do an analysis, business plan and execute planned actions
  • They prefer to use external resources for 3-5 years until the business is well established

We have an initial close discussion with the client to be able to, in details, to analyse their potential in supplying GO’s/NGO’s – and which organisations that could have the highest demand for our clients products and/or services.

We analyse, plan and execute in close cooperation with the client – with the clear focus of increasing sales and revenue by supplying in-demand quality products and services to the GO’s and NGO’s.

Prospecting – Find the man with the problem. – Ben Friedman

We spend time continuously talking to the GO’s and NGO’s to listen. Listening to the current and potential future needs and demands respecting the formal procurement and tender procedures.

In cooperation with our client we can also host seminars and events to increase the awareness about the clients unique capabilities, products and services. The picture is from a seminar in Addis Abeba.

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