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Four Pillar Advisors will become the leading and premiere consulting agency assisting businesses towards positive growth by facilitating international business relations with international Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations worldwide.



Four Pillar Advisors is based in Denmark and in the Middle East. Established in 2013, though the team have accumulated more than 30 years of experience with international business and procurement strategies. We are committed to helping clients develop long term partnerships with organisations, government and non-government, to increase the supply worldwide and thus improve the bottom line. 

We believe that many companies have the capacity to provide products and services to organisations on a global scale but are unaware of how to take the necessary steps. Our professional team of advisors can provide guidance every step of the way to efficiently present bid proposals and become approved vendors. 

Research has indicated that there are GOs and NGOs providing more than 100 billion USD in business a year to suppliers and when our clients are able to take advantage of these opportunities, their revenues can soar. Our clients have become partners with MSF, ACF, WHO, UN, and many others – and we are always eager to help new clients achieve the same level of success.

At Four Pillar Advisors, we have established countless connections and networks to make it easier for clients to learn of the opportunities. Our advisors are able to help every company learn of their potential and how their products and services can align with the organisations who are seeking similar products and services for short-term and long-term projects.

We specialise in creating awareness within companies so they are aware of what they can do on a global basis. We are highly experienced and our network is what sets us apart from other consulting firms.

Our specialized process can take from 3 months to 12 months to complete dependent on the clients requests for growth. During this time, we secure relationships between our client and various organisations wear the supply chain can continue for the long term. We go through the four steps with each client to set them up for success, and this includes the necessary documentation for the bid process as well as automation to be able to act on bid proposals in the future.

Countless clients have been able to increase their global supply chain and have credited their success to Four Pillar Advisors. We have a wide range of testimonials that we can share with interested potential clients – and our growing network of organisations is proof that we are professional and qualified advisors within the international business market.

The formal process of obtaining business and becoming an approved vendor can be time consuming and be filled with challenges. Our talented group of professionals can expertly guide clients through the red tape and provide analysis and knowledge along the way. Once our clients recognise the process of what needs to be done, the replication of the steps can be done over and over again, allowing clients to achieve long term success.

We welcome the opportunity to work with new clients and prove how Four Pillar Advisors can assist. Contact us today if you’re interested in increasing your global supply chain.