Process and Awareness

Four Pillars Advisors has developed a process called the 4 pillars approach based on experiences which help us accommodate our clients from various business segments and international organizations who prefer to work with approved suppliers.

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Becoming a Supplier to International Organizations, GOs, and NGOs

Governmental Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations are procuring products and services for over 100 billion USD every year, a figure that steadily increases in 5-10% every year.

United Nations alone have procured products and services for over 15 BN USD last 2012 that increased 7.7% compared last 2011.

The major goods that were procured include:

  • Food
  • Medical equipment
  • Pharmaceutical supplies
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Shelter and housing
  • IT equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Agricultural inputs
  • Water supply equipment
  • Educational supplies
  • Domestic items

The major services that were procured include:

  • Outsourced personnel services
  • Security
  • Engineering services
  • General management
  • Leasing
  • Freight
  • Consultancy
  • Printing
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction

These organizations focused on varied supplier channel with chosen supplier who can give the ideal products in a timely manner, with the ideal quality that matches the requirements with the right price.

These markets are interesting for potential suppliers and can be sufficed by your company with quality goods and services that are ideal to offer for these organizations. Your company can offer the most valuable product worldwide and you need a great service to make it known by these organizations. As a business, you need to make brand awareness for your products and services.

To guarantee that your product will get the highest visibility, you should consider different options and strategies. When you start making sales, make sure that your product quality will not be decreased and will spread by words to promote your business brand at no cost.

Building Awareness

Decide which organization you like to target and which of them matches, current or future, need for your products and services. Get the concept of their procurement structure and the way they evaluate potential and existing suppliers.

Then, it will be followed by formal registrations as well as documentation of the company’s organizations, technical and financial capabilities, and products or service portfolio. This information will help evaluate you as their potential supplier and if you deserve the opportunity to make a proposal, bid, or quote for future projects.

If you are accepted as their potential supplier, you will have the chance to build awareness about your products and services that you offer.

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